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Rules suck, but they are necessary to be sure everyone is safe, secure and has a great time. Time again to go over them for the newer folks, and as a reminder for the experienced folks Regardless of any change in state law, PartyPerks is a weapon-free z
PerksAdmin · 63 days ago

It's been a heck of a year for our own lovely Ms Swingazoid - and for the wonderful Mr. Swingazoid as well.Let's give her a birthday bash to remember at the second Saturday Lake Party - Saturday Feb 8th in Winthrop Harbor! Everyone knows that Ms Swingazoid
PerksAdmin · 83 days ago

I  don't know about anyone else who went to the party this weekend, but I am feeling it today! I danced my booty off in the ballroom and then walked at least 5 miles between there and the 4th floor. I shared my knowledge of balls with many people. I learne
JuiceBox · 178 days ago

I am super excited for this weekend. I got my costume weeks ago. I never do it half assed. I went to an actual cheerleading uniform company and had my costume custom made. I made sure I had the right socks and the right shoes. With Halloween being my birth
JuiceBox · 182 days ago

Welcome! We're glad you found us and we look forward to partying with you! When you arrive to the party, seek out the registration area.  For Halloween, there will be two stations where you can register - one in the banquet room which is to the right of t
PerksAdmin · 190 days ago

We love the big influx of new people signing up for the site. Some of the new members, and a few of the old ones for that matter have not yet created a profile pic (Avatar) It need not be a face pic, all we ask is that it NOT be a stand alone close up Dic
PerksAdmin · 191 days ago

There was some discussion of the pricing structure for single Gentlemen in one of the events, so I hope to be able to address the questions and the concerns. Yes, the admission for single gentlemen is indeed higher than for couples and for single ladies.
PerksAdmin · 193 days ago

PartyPerks Rockford Ladies and Gentlemen, is NOT going away. We lost access to our old location but we are going to be retooling and making it better than ever. There will be some new faces and some changes but it will be a "new and improved" format, locat
PerksAdmin · 198 days ago

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED US ON SATURDAY NIGHT FOR THE CLUB PERKS NITE.....It was a blast...everyone looked smokin hot and we met some awesome new friends who will no doubt be with us again and often in the future.....more news on both this venue and t
PerksAdmin · 205 days ago

GRAND OPENING OF CLUB PERKS....SEPTEMBER 28TH 2013 A step above - ladies, get out your little black dress, gentlemen - dress to impress! The banquet area will feature a larger dance floor, dance music (club style) and cash bar (super cute bartender!). Ups
PerksAdmin · 207 days ago
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