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There was some discussion of the pricing structure for single Gentlemen in one of the events, so I hope to be able to address the questions and the concerns. Yes, the admission for single gentlemen is indeed higher than for couples and for single ladies.
PerksAdmin · 188 days ago

Loved the lake party. gotta get a new violet wand..... and other toys. almost had a mishap with the sybian lol trying to figure out where im going on the 8th. rockford or sun aura?
MochaFrank · 331 days ago

I  don't know about anyone else who went to the party this weekend, but I am feeling it today! I danced my booty off in the ballroom and then walked at least 5 miles between there and the 4th floor. I shared my knowledge of balls with many people. I learne
JuiceBox · 173 days ago

I think being in the lifestyle is giving me borderline OCD. Before i say anything else, even so i KNOW i am going to offend SOMEONE (because you cant make everyone happy) .... Disclaimer: everything i say after this is strictly about ME. i am not talking
MochaFrank · 207 days ago

Now Halloween is coming up. off this weekend. Lake party.....hmm. Calling hotels this morning. Not sure about ohare party....
MochaFrank · 213 days ago

Looks like we have reached a consensus on the poll question about Public Nudity in on the site. "No Rules" and "No close up below the waist Nudity" were the clear winners. In the perfect world, "NO RULES" would be great, but as we all know, we do NOT live
PerksAdmin · 324 days ago

I think I have the NEW definitions down now...check it out. YOU are a MILF if you still have kids in school (doesnt matter if its grade school, high school, or college...you are a MOTHER I'd LIKE to FUCK!) Once your kids are on their own...YOU are a PUMA (
the1moongoddess · 341 days ago

An analogy I used with the team very early on, when Perks was just a baby (and it has the added fun of being able to talk about "tossing your salad" lol...) First, I learned at our second party not to try to determine how much fun a guest had based on how
PerksAdmin · 339 days ago

The privacy of our members and guests is a top priority at PP847, and we go to great lengths to assure it as best we can. In the process of sign up and registration, we do ask for an e mail address, for reasons of security, and because there are those who
PerksAdmin · 404 days ago

What is the Brick and Mortar Revolt? It started with a bitter octogenarian and his nut case sidekick in a house converted into a swing club in Las Vegas Nevada, as they looked at their dwindling attendance and sought to blame something, anything, other th
PerksAdmin · 409 days ago
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