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You demanded it You got it The social networking WALL has returned. A few simple rules *. USE IT DAMN IT ! *. No frontal below the waist close up nude pics (No Dick or Gyno shots) *. No outside event promotion without permission *. no incivility *.
PerksAdmin · 291 days ago

So the 4th Toga party is in the books, and all I can say is THANK YOU to all who attended and all who helped make it possible. Members, old friends , new friends and first timers all partied together and had a great time. The Play rooms were hoppin, the ho
PerksAdmin · 228 days ago

We are in banquet Hall D....there will be signs leading you there....this crown may spill out into the surrounding lobby but that's ok because there is plenty of room and comfortable seating, and we are the ONLY event going on in the hotel that evening....
PerksAdmin · 280 days ago

10. It's air conditined 9. Where else can you meet a porn star in chicagoloand this weekend? 8. Mowing the lawn can wait 7. Friday night, ladies are FREE 6. You can stop thinking to yourself; "What the hell goes on there" ? 5. Ron Jeremy and Seymour B
PerksAdmin · 281 days ago

Yes, that IS the official licensed trademark of Exxxotica...and we now have the right to use it....that puts us in the same camp as the big Boys and Girls...we didn't make that happen, YOU DID Perks nation ! Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and eve
PerksAdmin · 300 days ago

It has come to our attention at ParttyPerks that there are those who believe that we were “opportunists” by starting a venue in Rockford shortly after the tragic death of a club owner and the shutting down of another club in the area.Let me try to put this
PerksAdmin · 327 days ago

Loved the lake party. gotta get a new violet wand..... and other toys. almost had a mishap with the sybian lol trying to figure out where im going on the 8th. rockford or sun aura?
MochaFrank · 330 days ago

I think I have the NEW definitions down now...check it out. YOU are a MILF if you still have kids in school (doesnt matter if its grade school, high school, or are a MOTHER I'd LIKE to FUCK!) Once your kids are on their own...YOU are a PUMA (
the1moongoddess · 341 days ago

What is the Brick and Mortar Revolt? It started with a bitter octogenarian and his nut case sidekick in a house converted into a swing club in Las Vegas Nevada, as they looked at their dwindling attendance and sought to blame something, anything, other th
PerksAdmin · 409 days ago

Rules suck, but they are necessary to be sure everyone is safe, secure and has a great time. Time again to go over them for the newer folks, and as a reminder for the experienced folks Regardless of any change in state law, PartyPerks is a weapon-free z
PerksAdmin · 57 days ago
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